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    VAT is a consumption based tax and more than 160 countries levied this concept in their country. UAE implemented VAT for first time in 2018 & law in emerging on regular basis. It’s better to be tax compliant to smoothly run your business as noncompliance’s penalties are very high in UAE. Being one among the Leading VAT Consultant in UAE, we have a team of qualified TAX Experts in UAE who can help you in all VAT related queries and you can simply focus on your business.

    Our VAT advisory function includes following services:

    • VAT Registration & related compliances.
    • Initial Consultancy to setup process for Invoicing.
    • Preparing & Filling of VAT Return online as per periodicity specified by FTA.
    • Suggestion on avenues and transaction where tax burden can reduce.
    • Clarification on special transaction from Designated Zones.
    • Clarification on VAT applicability and treatment of specific transaction
    • Clarification on Transaction with other GCC countries.
    • Verification of Input Tax Credit claims to offset and reduce the final liability.
    • Evaluation and Identification of transactions exempt from tax.
    • Working of tax payable under reverse charge mechanism and its claim.
    • Assistance in tax deposited to FTA.
    • Assistance in dealing with FTA for VAT refund & assessment.
    • Filling of Voluntary Disclosure.
    VAT Advisory Function