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    Business Setup in UAQ Mainland

    The least populated Emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is Umm al-Quwain (UAQ) that is situated on the West Coast of the nation between two other Emirates, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah. It even has the smallest surface area compared to the other Emirates.

    The Umm Al Quwain Economic Department has been pushing the development of the Emirate in terms of its economic stability. The economy of Umm Al Quwain is thriving through it being a tourist spot as well as having fishing as a contributing factor. Because of the latter, it is a seafood exporter that has Europe and the Middle East as its main clients. Aside from all of these, Umm Al Quwain business set up has been notably being known in the country. Trading and construction companies in Umm Al Quwain swarm the place, along with other industries that are booming there as well.

    Similar to other Emirates, company formation in Umm Al Quwain mainland has a list of requirements for business owners to start. First off, there should be at least two partners and a maximum of 50 for one organization. If everyone is an expatriate, they need to find a local sponsor who will have 51% of the company’s shares. This is necessary as per the law of the UAE.

    There are a lot of business owners who are not familiar with forming a company and that is why business setup consultants in Umm Al Quwain are the people that you need for you to understand more before you begin with your plans. These people will answer your pressing query of how to start a business in Umm Al Quwain and further information that you need to satisfy your plans. They won’t even simply guide you, they will also ensure that all the processing will be handled by them so you wouldn’t have to worry about it all. They will manage the procedures that the concerned departments require, like the Umm Al Quwain Economic Department. There are a lot of reasons why you should find a company formation consultant UAQ, and the latter is one of the most important ones.

    Following industries you can setup in Fujairah Mainland

    We covers all the following industries, even if your industry not in list you can consult with us we can help you setup.

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    Law Firm

    Events Organizing

    Cargo & Freight-forwarding

    Technical Services

    Money Exchange

    Health Care


    Accounting & Auditing Firm

    Oil & Gas


    Financial Institution

    Construction / Contracting

    Tourism & Hospitality



    Educational Institution

    Agriculture & Fishing

    Real Estate

    Media & Entertainment

    General Trading



    Benefits of Setting up Business in UAQ Mainland

    The law in the UAE limits the business owners to have 100% ownership when they set up on the mainland. Regardless if this is the case, the advantages of business setup in Umm al Quwain Mainland far outweigh that one setback.

    Over the years, Umm Al Quwain has turned itself into a place that gives investors reasons why they should invest in there. The advantages that drive people to Umm Al Quwain are listed below:

    Zero tax

    Value-added tax (VAT) may have been implemented in the country since the start of 2018, but it only applies to goods and services. This doesn’t stop the Umm Al Quwain mainland to be considered as tax-free like the other mainlands in the UAE. This is because corporate and income taxes are still not required to be paid.

    No limitation on the number of visas

    It is understood that the companies have a potential to develop, amplifying its needs as well when it comes to the workforce. Because of this, Umm Al Quwain mainland gives the organizations an opportunity to have as many visas as it needs It should be noted that though there is no limitation, this also depends on the office space. If the office is larger, more visas can be obtained.

    Zero capital requirement

    As with other mainlands in the UAE, there is no capital requirement for the people who want to establish a business in Umm Al Quwain mainland. Because of this, Umm Al Quwain business setup cost is more affordable than it already is.

    Government work opportunity

    The companies in the free zones are not allowed to pitch in when the government opens an opportunity for the companies in the mainland. The government works are often big projects that can make a good profit for any company whose pitch is chosen.

    Conducting business anywhere

    Your strategic plan for choosing where you want your business to be located can definitely be followed since you can choose the place where you want to establish your company. This can give you the chance to be where your target consumers can reach you more.

    No currency restriction

    Similar to other mainlands in the UAE, there is no currency restriction that is applicable to UAQ mainland.