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    Excise Return Filling

    Excise return is an official document to be submitted by the every registered person to the Federal Tax Authority (“FTA”) monthly basis. All VAT Returns should be submitted online using the FTA portal before 15th of next month. If there is no business transaction in particular period then also registered person has to file NIL return before the due date.

    Penalty for noncompliance

    Penalty for Non-Submission or Non-payment of Excise

    Non Submission of return on timeNonpayment of Excise on time
    AED 1000 for the first time delay2% of the unpaid tax is due immediately once the payment of Payable Tax is late
    AED 2000 in case of repetative non-compliance with 24 months4% of the unpaid tax is due on the seventh day following the deadline for payment, on the amount of tax which is still unpaid
    1% of the unpaid tax daily penalty charged on any amount that is still unpaid one calendar month following the deadline for payment with upper ceiling of (300%)

    How DIBN can help:-

    We have team of tax consultants and experts & their professional advices helps businesses in complying with the rules and regulations specified by federal tax authority. Our dedicated expert team for excise return filing constantly keeps track of the time-frame specified by the FTA and files the return filing within the stipulated time, thereby, ensuring smooth compliance of the law, and related rules and regulations.

    Excise Return Filling