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    Excise Compliance

    Every firm in UAE which is dealing with excise goods (carbonated drinks, energy drinks, tobacco and tobacco products, e-cigarettes and sugar-sweetened beverages) needs to be registered with Federal Tax Authority (FTA). They are required to maintain records of all their taxable transactions as per the FTA’s guidelines on excise. The records and accounts of excise goods have to be maintained accurately and in a timely manner to avoid penalties or fines.

    Excise tax is the responsibility of any person engaged in:

    • the import of excise goods into the UAE;
    • the production of excise goods in the UAE;
    • the release of excise goods from a designated zone in the UAE;
    • the stockpiling of excise goods in the UAE in certain cases, where excise tax has not previously been paid on the goods in the UAE and stockpiling is undertaken for business purposes.
    • If you have a responsibility for excise tax, as outlined above, then you must register with the FTA to submit tax returns and pay excise tax. There are some exceptions for the registration as well.
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    In summary, you must register for excise tax if you are:

    an importer of excise goods;

    a producer of excise goods;

    a person releasing excise goods from a designated zone;

    a stockpiler of excise goods.

    Excise tax declarations are needed to be filed in order to state the excise goods and pay the excise tax. Eligible entities are required to register for excise tax via the FTA website. The tax period for excise tax return filing is one calendar month and the return must be filed via the FTA online portal within 15 days following the termination of the pertinent tax period. A payment of the due tax must be done to FTA no later than the 15th day following the end of a calendar month.

    It is extremely necessary for any business operating in the UAE to register for excise tax purposes and take direct steps to become compliant with the Excise Tax Law and its Executive Regulations.

    We provide full-fledged assistance to businesses comply to Excise tax regulations perfectly.

    Our excise tax compliance services include:

    • Ensure proper submission of excise returns
    • Assessment of excise records, returns & reconciliation
    • Give advice on client’s queries and FTA notifications
    • Represent before the FTA for excise tax concerns
    • Examine and customize source documents

    Our dedicated team helps clients manage Excise Tax and adhere to the regulatory guidelines. We aim to prevent compliance failures and ensure that our clients are always protected from any potential non-compliance risks.