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Dubai Mainland Dubai Mainland License for AED 22,000 100% Business Ownership E-Trader License in Dubai

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    What is DUBAI Main land

    A Mainland company is a company registered in one of the seven emirates of UAE Department of Economic Development (DED). This means that if you choose to conduct business in Dubai Mainland, you will need to register a business entity with the DED, which will then provide you a business license to start doing business in Dubai. Mainland offers easier access to consumers, connectivity, flexibility and excellent infrastructure.

    Dubai Mainland companies can practice any Professional, Commercial, industrial, trading or tourism activity. Some professional activities are excluded as per DED’s business regulations and other require approvals of authorities that regulate these activities.

    Under the Commercial Companies Law or CCL (Federal Law No. 8 of 1984 Concerning Commercial Companies as amended by Federal Law No 1 of 1984 and Federal Law No 13 of 1988, Federal Law No. 15 of 1998). Foreign investors may start their business in partnership where 51% ownership of the company belongs to UAE nationals or choose a Sole Establishment company mainly professional license formation to own 100% of shares. Capital required to form a limited liability company in main land AED 300,000 (US$ 81,744) contributed in cash or in kind. The capital shall not be less than three hundred thousand dirham’s divided into equal shares the value of each not less than thousand dirham’s. However, some of the business activities are reserved for UAE nationals only.

    Shareholders must fulfill the formation documents and processes, which includes the appointment of a manager by the Memorandum of Association (MOA) or Service Agreement, for a limited or an unlimited period of time. Mainland must appoint a minimum of one manager and a partner would be maximum of 49.

    Different types of licenses are issued by Mainland

    Commercial License:

    where the purpose of the entity is to trade within the whole region. Kindly pay attention that 100% foreign ownership of this company type in the UAE is not permitted.

    • Foreign investors are allowed to hold only up to 49% equity ownership in UAE companies.
    • 51% of shares must belong by one or more UAE nationals.
    • The minimum recommended share capital is AED 300,000.
    • Multiple business-related activities under 1 trade license can be provided.
    • No Corporate tax and No Income Tax.
    Types of licenses in Dubai

    Professional License:

    1. Sole Establishment

    This type of entity is applicable for professional, service activities and consultancy. Setting up such type of a company is the best way a foreign investor can get 100% ownership in a UAE company registered outside Free Zones.

    • Do not require any form of local ownership.
    • No requirement for minimum capital.
    • The UAE National will act as an agent with 0% ownership.
    • One shareholder only.
    • No corporate taxes, no income taxes.
    2. Civil Company

    Civil company is a company owned by 100% foreign ownership with up to 3 shareholders and local service agent. This is applicable for professional and service activities/license.

    • Local service agent owns 0% of business shares and profit, whereas foreign partner or a company owns 100% of business shares.
    • Local service agent main task is to perform a role of a signatory for fulfillment of all government related tasks.
    • Local service agent has no administrative powers and is only entitled to annual payment for government services.
    • Local service agent can be a professional, a UAE Government employee or a company owned by a UAE National.
    • For certain activities professional qualification of local service agent is required.

    Industrial License:

    Industrial licenses are required for establishing industrial or manufacturing activity in the UAE. With the industrial license, businessmen can assemble and process goods using raw materials that are local or imported. Economy Department states to be the main authority to issue industrial license. There might be necessary additional approvals from specific departments, ministries or Municipality. Which depends on the activity. Health Ministry is an authority that can provide authorization of medical business and institutions within the pharmaceutical segment. Such as operating in financial segment, require an approval from central bank of UAE.

    Safe and Legal revenue transactions.

    Modern Industrial & Manufacturing Infrastructure.

    Generate more business opportunities.

    Renew Industrial trade license at affordable cost.

    How to Register Dubai Mainland Company in UAE?

    Select the business activity types from Trading/commercial, Consultancy, Professional or industrial. You can choose several activities within a one group.

    It is advisable to suggest three tradename options in order to preferences and name Should be clear. Trade Names that cannot be reserved: Name of country, Name of Continent, Famous regions and Towns, Color (blue, red etc.). Foreign words and short words will be charged extra fee of Dh2000 per year. At this stage it is required to submit all the documents of all partners (passport Visa / EID / NOC of UAE / Resident / Residential address).

    Once the trade name confirms then the company can be formed and the company name is approved.

    DED will prepare the Memorandum of Association and Local Service agreement based on the information provided on the above stages.

    To complete the registration, process a Ejari (Lease contract) is required in main land. This refers to either business center/warehouse/office/showroom. It may be rented or a purchase.

    Some business activities require an additional / external approval from the other Government authorities such as a Civil Defense, Police, SIRA, MOH etc.

    After the LSA and MOA are signed, all the payments and approval are made. License will be issued.

    Instant License in Dubai

    You can get a commercial and professional license in Dubai in just 5 minutes. Introduced with aim to boost the economy of Dubai , the instance license makes the easiest and fastest to the entrepreneurs to obtain trade license to start their business in Dubai.

    Benefits of Instant License

    Issue in 5 to 10 minutes of time

    Same day trade license

    Trade name is not required for first year

    Not required physical office for first year

    Establishment by GCC citizen

    Department of economic development (DED) License

    The states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain) signed the United Economic Agreement in Riyadh on 7th June 1981, with a view to coordinate and unify economic, financial, monetary, commercial and industrial legislations and UAE endorsed this agreement in 1982.

    It is conditional as per the Federal Law No. 2 of 1989 concerning permitting the GCC citizen to conduct a business operation in UAE that the investor should be a natural person residing in UAE and practice the required activity by himself and have a license to practice the activity in his country of origin. Procedure overview of LLC establishment.

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