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    Ajman Mainland is one of the most developed economy as it is set up directly by following the legal structures. Business setup in Ajman Mainland requires hiring a local sponsor, that will have a 51% share in the company.

    Ajman Free Zone, a prominent manufacturing hub in UAE, was established in 1988. The free zone is strategically located which provides easy access to airports and seaports. Ajman offshore and mainland offers a wide range of opportunities to investors from diverse fields.

    The major industries in Ajman are manufacturing; construction; wholesale and retail; real estate and business services and transport, storage and communications. Ajman port and free zone contribute largely to the economy of the emirate.

    Business entities in Ajman Mainland

    Branch office

    Representative Office

    Limited Liability Company

    Professional License

    Public Shareholding company

    Licenses for business setup in Ajman Mainland offering

    Trading license

    The trading license in Ajman is easiest to obtain compared to other business licenses. It is for companies dealing with general trading or specialized trading activity.

    Professional License

    For Service oriented companies life artisans and professionals needs to apply for this license.

    Industrial License

    Companies engaged in manufacturing, producing, and fabricating needs to apply for this license.

    E-commerce License

    E-commerce license is for conducting business related to electronics trading or an online business. It also provides marketing & technical support to investor.

    How to Register Ajman Mainland Company in UAE?

    Select the business activity types from Trading/commercial, Consultancy, Professional or industrial. You can choose several activities within a one group.

    It is advisable to suggest three tradename options in order to preferences and name Should be clear. Trade Names that cannot be reserved: Name of country, Name of Continent, Famous regions and Towns, Color (blue, red etc.). Foreign words and short words will be charged extra fee of Dh2000 per year. At this stage it is required to submit all the documents of all partners (passport Visa / EID / NOC of UAE / Resident / Residential address).

    Once the trade name confirms then the company can be formed and the company name is approved.

    DED will prepare the Memorandum of Association and Local Service agreement based on the information provided on the above stages.

    To complete the registration, process a Ejari (Lease contract) is required in main land. This refers to either business center/warehouse/office/showroom. It may be rented or a purchase.

    Some business activities require an additional / external approval from the other Government authorities such as a Civil Defense, Police, SIRA, MOH etc.

    After the LSA and MOA are signed, all the payments and approval are made. License will be issued.