Additional Services

Serviced Office

Unlike traditional office spaces, modern investors are more interested in cutting down their major cost of formation of the new Business Vehicle. Now instead of spending huge funds on renting out a shell and core office space and pricey Interior fit-outs, Investors are looking to get a one in all services package for the Office Space Solution. Business Center is a location where one may have fully fitted serviced offices with Professional Reception Services and Meeting Room Facilities to impress the business customers.

Trademark Registration

Trademarks registration and protection is regulated by Act Number 37 of 1992. Trademarks, including names, words, symbols, and pictures, are registered in the Trade Marks Register kept by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. A trade mark may be registered in the name of its owner. The application for registration of a trade mark is submitted to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce by the owner or by his appointed attorney in the UAE. Interested third parties may oppose the registration of the trade mark within 30 days after publication is made in the newspapers and the Official Gazette. Registration of a trade mark will take effect from the date on which the application for registration was submitted. Such registration will provide the trade mark with protection for a period of 10 years, with renewal available for a similar term.

Certificate Attestation

DIBN Business services is the pioneer in the field of certificate attestation, providing a reliable and fastest way in this Industry. We provide all kinds of Educational and non-educational certificate attestation services. We cater our services for United Arab Emirates(UAE), Oman, Qatar, Kuwait ,Bahrain & Saudi Arabia(KSA) from various departments in INDIA, UK, USA, AUSTRALIA & CANADA. We always give utmost importance to our client’s needs and urgency and act accordingly in a quick and reliable way. Our major advantage which makes us stand mighty and lofty in the industry is our value- added services. Our wings are spread across the globe and our wide partner’s network gives us an edge over other attestation companies.

Indian Consulate Works

Passport Renewal Validity extension
New Passport for new born baby Additional booklet
Passport in lieu of lost Spouse name Endorsement
ECNR, Change of name Change of address

Import/Export Code

All trade licenses can be registered with Dubai Customs to apply for Import/export code. Depending on the business or service activity that you conduct or are involved in, you need to register with Dubai Customs. Traders and other commercial entities who import or export goods through ports of Dubai are required to obtain an Importer, Exporter Code as a pre-requisite for the clearance of their goods. However, import and export of personal effects shall be permitted on personal names and without importer/exporter codes subject to rules and regulations governing import and export of personal effects. The conditions and requirements to obtain an Code company Must hold a valid commercial/trading license issued by the competent authority in U.A.E.

UAE Merchant Account Setup

Without a payment gateway, your customers will not be able to purchase your products or services using their credit or debit card and that’s everyone, except maybe cavemen. So if you’re looking to make it easier for your customers to make purchases on your store, then a payment gateway is a must. Dealing with payment gateways all the time, we at Cranium Creations have searched through information about many payment gateway options in the U.A.E to make the most informed decision on what to use for our projects. We’d like to share that information with you below.

Company Closures and Liquidation

The laws of most countries contain different rules, applicable to the procedure of companies’ liquidation – either voluntary or compulsory. There are plenty of examples and cases when business owners simply forget or leave their companies which are no longer required, thus wanting to save time and money on the formalities related to the official liquidation / closure of such company in Dubai, UAE. In such cases, the required procedures of closure / liquidation of the company are not made in time or totally fail to be completed. The owners of such companies expect that the company will first be deleted from the companies registry for non-payment of annual fees, and, as a result, would lead to the automatic closure of the company in the UAE, and after a while will be completely liquidated.

Bank Account Setup

If a person happens to own or is a part of an onshore or offshore company that is registered in Dubai then he can open a corporate bank account for it. An individual- resident or non-resident is also eligible for a private bank account in Dubai. For companies that are based outside of Dubai and are in need of banking services for business transactions; opening a bank account in Dubai has never been easier. There are certain conditions that you need to fulfill to be able to hold a bank account in Dubai.